Thursday, 13 December 2012


Fill in the correct question word.

1.  sits next to Frank? Clara.

2.  does the boy come from? He's from Newcastle.

3.  old are her children? They are seven and ten.

4.  is Peter's birthday? In April, I think.

5.  much is the shirt? It's twenty pounds.

6.  is best at playing tennis? It's Bob.

7.  are you going? I’m going to my friends.

8.  is an orange juice? It's fifty pence.

9.  does the restaurant open? It opens at six o' clock.

10.  can I get some ice cream? You can get some at the snack bar.

11.  are you going to order? Fish and chips.

12.  are you going to do on Saturday? I don't know.

13.  has got my pullover? I have got it.

14.  is your name? Carol.

15.  is Susan's party? It's on Friday.